Homemade Detoxifying Clay Toothpaste


2 Tablespoons of Skin Gourmet's Detoxifying Clay

3-4 Tablespoons of Distilled or Boiled Water that has cooled

4 Drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

1 - 2 Teaspoons of Skin Gourmet's Wild Northern Honey (optional, to taste)

10-15 Drops of Essential Oil of Peppermint, Lemon or Orange (depending on what flavour you choose)

A Tiny Pinch of Salt

A Plastic or Wooden Spoon or Spatula


Step 1: Combine 3 - 4 Tablespoons of water with Skin Gourmet's Detoxifying Clay in a non-metal bowl and mix well using a non-metal spoon (the clay should never come in contact with any metals). 

Step 2: Add Tea Tree Essential Oil, Skin Gourmet's Wild Northern Honey and 10 drops of desired essential oil (peppermint, lemon or orange). Mix well.

Step 3: Add a pinch of salt, mix well and taste.

Step 4: Add additional Wild Northern Honey and/or peppermint essential oils and/or water to taste and texture, adding oils one drop at a time and water 1/2 Tablespoon at a time. 

Tip: The flavours will meld together over time, so wait 48 hours before making significant adjustments to the flavor.

To Use: Dip the toothbrush in and scrape small amount onto bristles. Could also use a small spoon to put on toothbrush.

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