How To Get More Out Of Our Packaging

Our products are extremely pure! 

This means absolutely nothing, but edible, plant-based ingredients are used in our product formulation. Our products are 100% natural and free of pesticides, fertilizers, emulsifiers, parabens, and preservatives. 

Because our products are so pure and natural (literally sourced from the Wild!), they act as they would in nature and change according to their environment. Our oils solidify in the cold but that’s good news – it naturally preserves them and extends their shelf life – which means that you can keep them much longer!

How to warm up Skin Gourmet products

  1. Stick them in a warm room. 
  2. Put them in warm water (not hot just very warm). 
  3. Place them by a heater. 

11 ways to get more out of our packaging

Keep the packaging – do not throw it away! You can reuse, reduce, and recycle! 

Here are some creative ideas…

  1. Stick a beautiful flower in them and make them a centrepiece. 
  2. Grow a plant in them.
  3. Use them as a drinking glass or reuse them for storing your drink or your food.
  4. Store your coins in them. 
  5. Store your jewellery in them.
  6. Keep pencils and pens in them.
  7. They make a great toothbrush holder.
  8. Store paint or makeup brushes in them. 
  9. Store combs and brushes in them.
  10. Store your tools in them.
  11. If you are in Ghana return it to Skin Gourmet for a discount so we can reuse them.

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