Exfoliating Coconut & Avocado Face Mask


1 Tablespoon of Skin Gourmet's Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

1/2 Teaspoon of Freshly Grounded Nutmeg or Chai Seeds ( Better for body than face)

1/4 of a Ripe Avacado


Step 1: Remove the skin from your quarter avocado. Place the avocado in a bowl and mash it into a smooth paste.

Step 2: In the same bowl, stir in the coconut oil and nutmeg until you get a consistent mixture.

Step 3:  Apply a thick coat of the mixture onto your face with circular motions.

Step 4: Let it settle for about 15 minutes.

Step 5: When the time is up, rinse off the mask with cool water or a warm washcloth. Pat dry with a clean towel.


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