“What we put in our body will end up on our skin. What we put on our skin will end up in our body”

- CEO, Violet Awo Amoabeng

Behind the brand

RAW handmade skincare sourced from the Wilds of Ghana - so pure you can eat it.


Unprocessed. Unfiltered.


True. Unadulterated.


From Ghana. Handmade.

For products good
enough to eat

Our products are made with absolutely no preservatives – we mean NONE! Just as you will not put your fingers in food you would like to preserve try not to put your fingers in our cosmetics in order to extend its shelf life.

We crafted this beautiful, sustainably sourced, wooden gourmet spoon to help you scoop out the rawness BUT if you insist on being handsy – please stick the product in the fridge.

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is thoughtful, safe and sustainable! It preserves and maintains the freshness of our products. And more importantly, we love that we help in contributing to a healthy and more quality environment. Anytime you use up all the goodness, do not through away the jars. Return them to us and get great discounts on your next purchase.

Product Philosophy

Good skincare is not just about the products you use on your body but how it affectsyou and the world around it.

Product Value Chain

Raw materials gathered from wild

Processed by hand

Forwarded to Accra

Stored for “light” processing

Packaged by hand

Distributed undiluted

Pure Raw Wild

We never add stabilizers, preservatives, parabens, artificial colors or fragrances. Or stuff you can’t pronounce.

Supporting Others

Every purchase improves the life of a Ghanaian by allowing us grow beyond aid. Skincare that creates leaders by investing in others.

Beyond Skincare

Beauty that is inclusive

Beauty that is patient

Beauty that is kind

Beauty that does not envy

Beauty that does not boast

Beauty that is not proud

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No 14 Selby Gardens
Accra, Achimota

+233 (0) 20 89 79 302