Edible Butters

Cocoa & Coconut Butter

GHS 70.00

This is an edible butter.
Great vegan ingredient for cooking AND a daily moisturizer - for face, body and hair.
Hydrating + Healing + Soothing
For all skin types.
Super creamy and non-greasy
Handmade in Ghana

Raw Cocoa Butter
+ Raw Coconut Oil

Nothing else. 

This is an edible butter
Daily moisturizer - for face, body and hair
Great vegan ingredient for cooking

This Blend Contains No Preservatives - So Use A Preserving Spoon!

But If You Insist on Being Handsy - Stick It in A Fridge.

Sustainably Sourced. Keep Closed When Not in Use. Refrigerate for Long Life

Store in A Cool, Dry Place.

If This Product Melts (Because it’s just so freaking pure) –

Just Shake It and Stick It in a Fridge for About an Hour.

If this product changes color, it may be because of a change in temperature.

This product is lighter in cooler temperatures and slightly darker in warmer temperatures.

This is NORMAL, so don’t freak out.

This product contains only the ingredients mentioned – nothing else.

There is no coloring, fragrances or stabilizers added.

You are welcome. 

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