Edible Butters

Honey & Mint Balm

GHS 55.00

Lip, Face & Body Balm. Dry Spot Treatment. Heal Aches, Bumps and Bruises.
Soothing + Healing + Inflammatory
For all skin types
Probably the best natural balm - ever
Use whenever, wherever
Handmade in Ghana.

Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
+ Raw Shea Butter
+ Raw Beeswax
+ Peppermint Essential Oil
+ Wild Northern Honey

Nothing else. 

This Blend Contains No Preservatives or emulsifiers.

Please dispose off 6 months after opening.

Sustainably Sourced. Keep Closed When Not in Use. Refrigerate for Long Life

Store in A Cool, Dry Place.

If This Product Melts (Because it’s just so freaking pure) –

Just Shake It and Stick It in a Fridge for About an Hour.

If this product changes color, it may be because of a change in temperature.

This product is lighter in cooler temperatures and slightly darker in warmer temperatures.

Also, if you get tiny white dots in the balm

It’s NORMAL, so don’t freak out - it’s just shea butter.

There is no emulsifier added so with time the shea butter might separate (just a little).

It melts once you rub it in.

This product contains only the ingredients mentioned – nothing else.

There is no coloring, fragrances or stabilizers added.

You are welcome. 

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