Edible Oils

Neem Oil

USD 4.50

Antifungal Antibacterial & Natural

Insect Repellent

For all skin types.
Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.
A powerful medicinal oil.
May smell like fried onions in red palm oil.
Handmade in Ghana.

Nutritional Information

100% Pure Neem Oil.

Absolutely nothing else. 

How to use

Use for exceptional softness, suppleness,

And radiance of face body & hair.

Excellent acne and dandruff treatment.

Sustainably sourced.

Keep closed when not in use.

In Cooler temperatures this oil may become thicker and change to a much lighter color (It's that pure).

Refrigerate for long life.

Store In a cool, dry place.

To keep this product fresh, Store in a cool dry place Away from water.

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