Edible Butters

Groundnut & Shea Butter

GHS 80.80


This is an edible butter

Daily moisturizer for body and hair.

Radiance   + softens + smoothens

Not recommended for oily skin.   

This product contains peanut / groundnut oil.

Handmade in Ghana.

This product is vegan, gluten and cruelty free.

We only test on humans.


Nutritional information

+ Raw shea butter
+ Groundnut oil
Absolutely nothing else.


Daily moisturizer - For face, body and hair.
This is an edible butter.
Great vegan ingredient for cooking.
we only text on humans.
This blend contains no preservatives - so use a preserving spoon!
But if you insist on being handsy - stock it in a fridge.
you are welcome.


Groundnut & Shea Butter

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